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Here is how to check if a mobile phone is original or fake before you buy



Its okay for a phone dealer to fall a victim since phones might be delivered in bulks hence making it hard to verify all, but it is not okay when a customer buys a fake phone from them. To know if the mobile phone is fake or original do the following;1. Comparison and differentiation.
In this process, you must be having a sample of original mobile phone of that kind as you walk to the electronics shop.Ask for the phone you want. Compare the qualities. Quality of the phone are the outside features you can see with bare eyes. Most of original mobile phones are of high quality. If the mobile phone on sale looks to be of lower quality than the one you are comparing with, then that one is fake.As if that is not enough, power on the mobile phone. Check the inside features which include apps arrangement and settings and general phone display.Check the settings, most of original mobile phones have complicated settings features which can include Bike mode, data on/off, Dirac, battery lab, Multi-window, Do not disturb amongst other setting features. If the mobile phone in the shop luck any of that features which are present in the phone you are comparing with, then it is fake.2. Check IMEI.
Every original android mobile phone has an IMEI number. IMEI number is an International mobile equipment number which is a unique 15 digits number.To get IMEI number of your phone simply dial *#06# and call it.You can as well open phone settings, go to about phone and you will find IMEI under phone IMEIUse this IMEI number to verify the legitimacy of the mobile phone. Go to online IMEI check. Give out the IMEI you find in that phone. It should reflect the manufacturers name. If the mobile phone under test if from Tecno company, then IMEI online check should reflect Tecno company as manufacturer and any other name means the phone is fake.I hope this article is useful. Make sure you like and share it as many times as possible.

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