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Here is How You Can Check Your Whatsapp R350 Status on WhatsApp



SASSA has detailed that their online status check is live. This suggests you would now have the option to check the progression on your SRD grant using Whatsapp.

This can be anything besides hard to use for everyone and it is faster. Compassionately make sure to tail me and offer this news to each person who doesn’t have any idea on the most ideal approach to check their R350 grant st atus.

SASSA has made it useful for SRD grant possibility to check their status. Here is the way you can check your status on Whatsapp:

At first, guarantee you incorporate GovChat as a Whatsapp contact by saving this number on your contraption: 082 046 8553.

Plus, open your Whatsapp and revive your contacts by then open an encounter with GovChat. Convey something explicit saying Status, by then now you will have the alternative to see your status.

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A couple of individuals across South Africa have still not got their R350 from SASSA and it’s been quite a while since the mitigation grant was impelled. This result in thwarted expectations in the workplace.

It is seen that SASSA has made redesigns in their systems and their strategies for dealing with the honors.