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Here’s The Tribe That Buries Dead Babies Inside Tree Trunks And The Reason For This Custom [Photos]



When people die, there are various ways of disposing of the bodies that their souls leave behind and these forms of disposal vary from community to community.

Even though the burial of the dead in the soil is the most common form of disposal of dead people’s bodies in Africa, Europe, the Americas, and some parts of Asia, we have other places where cremation is the only ‘known’ form of body disposal.

In countries like Japan, Taiwan, Nepal, South Korea, India, and in other places where people adhere to Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism, cremation of the dead is the most prevalent form of body disposal.

But have you ever heard of dead people’s bodies being buried in trunks of trees that are alive?

Living in the Tana Toraja regency (marked in red above) in South Sulawesi Province of Indonesia are the Torajan people whose belief in Animism has got them to practice the age-old custom of burying bodies of dead babies inside tree trunks up to date.

Whenever a Torajan baby dies, especially among those people living in rural areas, a hole is hollowed in a tree that’s huge enough and the baby’s body is wrapped in a piece of cloth then placed in the hole which is later sealed using palm fiber to ‘bury’ the baby.

In the aftermath of this kind of ‘burials’, scenes like those pictured below are common in that region.

Photos are courtesy of Daily Mail.

According to the Torajan people, the bodies of these babies are believed to be absorbed by the tree over the years as the tree heals keeping the baby “alive” and dozens of babies can be interred in just a single tree.

However, not every baby is disposed of this way because the rule has it that only bodies of babies that die before growing teeth are the ones to be absorbed by trees.

As revealed by one local in a ‘Daily Mail’ video below, the baby’s body is buried with a white chicken egg to signify purity.

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