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Hills Producer Jessica Klein Beverly Death From Pancreatic Cancer


A famous American television producer and writer is Jessica Klein. In Beverly Hills, 90210, she serves as executive producer and staff writer.

In addition to being a producer on the daytime TV series โ€œThe World Turns,โ€ and co-creating and co-producing โ€œBeverly Hillsโ€ 90210 with her partner Steve Wasserman, she also started on Sesame Street her writing career.

Jessica most recently worked as a producer on Scoutโ€™s Safari. Part of Jessicaโ€™s motivation for creating the teen TV series Just Deal, known for, was her own experience as a Jewish mother.

Jessica Klein Beverly Hills producer dies of pancreatic cancer

Jessica Klein, beloved executive producer of โ€œBeverly Hills, 90210,โ€ died Wednesday at the age of 66. Pancreatic cancer was the cause of her death.

The late Steve Wasserman, her colleague, and then-husband joined the show in 1991 as a writer for the second season.

In addition to writing, Klein and Wasserman worked on seasons 6 and 7, and later served as executive producers. In 1997, they ended the program.

She made a huge contribution to 90210 in Beverly Hills. Not only is she one of the most recognizable, but in many ways the face of an entire era.

While many send their deepest condolences to her and her family during this difficult time, there are not enough words to fully express the grievous hurt that her departure has done to us.

Jessica Klein obituary and funeral arrangements

Many people who know Jessica Klein have written her obituary, and her family is currently planning her funeral.

Since she has touched the lives of several people throughout her career in the entertainment industry, you can find many obituaries with her name on her social media accounts.

Sending condolence cards, prayers and comforting thoughts to the family and friends of the deceased can be very helpful during this horrific time.

Klein has written or served as story editor for some of the showโ€™s most enduring episodes, such as โ€œNecessity is a Mother,โ€ โ€œThe Next 50 Years,โ€ โ€œShooting Star/American in Paris,โ€ โ€œDestiny Rides Again,โ€ and โ€œBack to the noble life againโ€.

Do Jessica Klein and her husband have a daughter?

Shira Wasserman is the name of Jessica Kleinโ€™s daughter with her late husband Steve Wasserman.

Her daughter Sheila is now the only survivor, along with her late husband. Shira is now an orphan with no parents because Jessicaโ€™s husband died before her.

The difficult time of Jessicaโ€™s death must have been heartbreaking for Jessicaโ€™s family and next of kin. To help them deal with this huge loss, they ask for respect and caution from the media.

Nonetheless, she has accumulated a considerable net worth through work and has left all her career earnings to her family to maintain a comfortable standard of living.


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