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Hit Songs Deconstructed, which analyzes pop songs more deeply than anyone we’ve ever witnessed, and the AI song search and analysis platform MyPart have partnered to launch ChartCipher, a platform that takes both companies’ analysis to new levels. The service is launching in beta in the coming weeks, and the companieswill be delivering their inaugural presentation at Music Biz 2022 in Nashville on May 11th at 12:30 PM.

ChartCipher leverages MyPart’s award-winning AI-powered analysis of the compositional, lyrical, and sonic qualities of songs and combines it with Hit Songs Deconstructed’s song analysis methodologies and analytics delivery platform to deliver insights into the characteristics driving today’s most successful songs.

In more practical terms, it is able to go back a few weeks or even back to the beginning of this century into 11 different Billboard charts to uncover trends and other commonalities in songs’ melodies, subject matter, styles and more aspects that most people can even imagine. The initial charts include the Billboard Hot 100, Hot Country Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, Hot Rock & Alternative Songs, Hot Latin Songs, Pop Airplay, Country Airplay, Streaming Songs, Radio Songs and Digital Song Sales.

MyPart CEO Matan Kollenscher says, “The depth of ChartCipher’s song analysis provides unprecedented insight into the DNA of hit songs across genres going back to the beginning of this century. We are thrilled to be partnering with Hit Songs Deconstructed to provide unique, actionable data that supports both creatives and music industry professionals alike.”

Yael Penn, Hit Songs Deconstructed co-founder, says, “While the music industry has become increasingly reliant on traditional business metrics, such as consumption and engagement, there has been a lack of actionable data reflecting the songs themselves. ChartCipher is the missing link.” Co-founder David Penn adds, “For the first time ever, music creators and executives will have access to deep analytics reflecting the songwriting and production decisions behind today’s most successful songs at scale. This unique insight, in conjunction with traditional analytics, creates a whole new dimension through which we can understand today’s hits and provides both music creators and executives with a competitive edge in today’s fast-changing musical landscape.”




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