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Home Depot Skeleton Alternatives – NewsFinale


While Home Depot’s 12-foot-tall skeleton may be its most famous Halloween decoration, the home improvement company certainly upped the ante this year with several new towering outdoor decor figures. There’s the impressive 12ft animated hovering witch (pictured above), which inspires the same viewing pleasure as the 12ft skeleton; the creepy 15ft towering Phantom, a terrifying figure taller than Skelly ; and our personal favorite, the 9.5-foot animated Immortal Werewolf. Like a 12-foot skeleton, this animatronic werewolf lures visitors to your yard in the days around Halloween. From a battered buffalo plaid shirt to yellow, sharp fangs and giant claws, this roaring, motion-activated, glowing LCD eye has incredible detail. His piercing eyes are very powerful. When you see him raising his head and howling, you don’t dare to go out, and you can’t blame you! But he is indeed a friendly dog, despite appearances.


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