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Horrifying, Meet Man and Woman that were buried alive.



For some of us in our worst nightmares we sometimes get buried alive. In this awful dreams ,our deets beat uselessly against the hard wood of the coffin and our heart breaks from the intolerable horror but believe it or not it is quiet possible that such a nightmare could become a reality. After all throughout history there are stories of human beings being buried alive. This two people below where buried alive;



This occurred in the 1800’s. She lost her son and was stricken with grief so she fell into a comma and died a few days later. Too many citizens too fell into a comma that same period but came back to their senses after seven days, doctors suggested that they may be suffering from a sleeping sickness brought by a Tse Tse fly bite. Seeing what was occuring , Octavi’s husband suspected that they might have buried her alive , and he immediately asked that her body was Exhumed , when the coffin was opened his worst fears was confirmed . His wife’s face was Twisted in horror. She had scratched the Lid of the coffin in despair tearing away the flesh in her hands until her fingers reduced to Just skeletons.

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In 1817, Author John smart in his book the thesaurus of horror spoke of a certain MR CORNICHE who had died of a fever and after the end of the funeral, the grave diggers who had the chance to remain in the cemetery heard groans under the ground , they quickly dug out the fresh mound of earth but they were too late. The man had already died In a horrifying agony ,they were scratches and scrapes all over his body which resulted from his struggle while trying to Escape. The sister of the unfortunate man was so afraid of suffering the same fate as her brother so she had her head cut off after death. Thus assuring that she was fully deceased.

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In those days , if a human body was cold, and the person’s heart stopped beating, the person was considered dead.This did not take into account so many distinctions which we have now. For example a living person with severe hypothermia , the body temperature can drop to a critical point of 21°C . During an extremely lethargic sleep, the heart sometimes beats so quietly that even an experienced doctor cannot hear it. Only the decomposition of a body truly proves a person’s demise due to these, in some countries, funerals are allowed only after three days after the person’s death.

In the olden days, families were refused to work until only after a person’s dead bodies was inferred , due to this, those who are poor were always in a hurry to bury their dead relatives in other to resume work.

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These were not the only cases of being buried alive, there are so many cases. But imagine being buried alive, what would you do?

Adapted from the YouTube video “this guy was accidentally buried”.

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