Hotman Paris Admits He Was Sent Sexy Photos and Videos of Iqlima Kim

WATCH: Hotman Paris Admits He Was Sent Sexy Photos and Videos of Iqlima Kim: Stir has been created in the Indonesian Advocates Association with the resignation of Hotman Paris. The news of his resignation came suddenly and people have been shocked and left stunned. According to the reports, Hotman Paris is facing serious allegations levied on him by his former PA (personal assistant) known as Iqlima Kim. All people have shifted their attention to this controversial story and eagerly scrounged web pages to learn about the matter in detail. However, we have done a brown study on this story and extracted some important aspects of this news. By reading down till the end you will eventually become educated on this trending controversial matter. You are advised to follow this article till the last word and must take a peek at all the sections of this article. Here we have discussed a lot of information and mentioned some important personal info about Hotman Paris. Follow More Update On

Hotman Paris Leaked Photos and Videos

Hotman Paris Ngaku Dikirimi Foto dan Video Seksi Iqlima Kim Sebelum Disomasi Atas Tuduhan Pelecehan: Hotman Paris is a professional lawyer who was also associated with the Indonesian Advocates Association but he suddenly resigned from the association. According to the reports, Hotman Paris is currently 62 years of age and he is accused of harassing sexually his personal assistant in past named Iqlima Kim. However, Iqlima Kim has sent a warrant regarding this issue. Kindly look at the next section to learn what Hotman Paris said.

The lawyer claimed that his former personal assistant had shared her sexy photos and obscene video with him several times and he also said those pictures and videos are still stored in his mobile phone. Hotman Paris thrashed all the allegations levied on him by Iqlima Kim. Moreover, he also revealed a little dark side of Iqlima Kim on his social media handle and he is in a full mood to expose her. Furthermore, he also said in a post uploaded on social media, “this is a sexy image that the lady sent to Hotman Paris on 21st March 2022 and there is still an image that is almost done with only a bra.” He captioned this statement while posting an image of Iqlima Kim on 30th April 2022, Saturday.

He also wrote that it is impossible for a girl who has become the victim of sexual harassment to share her sexy image with the perpetrator of the harassment. Hotman Paris also claimed that someone told her to do all this. Further development will be shared with you as soon as something comes up on the internet. Stay connected with us for more information.

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