‘House of Dragon’ fans furious over grisly scene


A controversial scene from Sunday night’s premiere surprised fans hyperbaricThe Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon.

warn: Spoilers below.

When Queen Emma (Sian Brook) gives birth, a dangerous complication arises. So her husband Viserys I Targaryen I (Paddy Considine), desperate for a male heir, orders a caesarean section, which would kill the mother.

The woman screamed in pain and begged them not to do it, but the doctor held her down and performed graphic manipulations. This is very painful. Westeros’ powerful drug, poppy milk, isn’t exactly an epidural.

On social media, fans were shocked by the level of violence at the scene as Viserys betrayed his wife and left George R.R. Martin’s book during the show.

Twitter user @Gpierce10 Disgusted by the picture – Considering this is the same franchise that brought us The Red Wedding and the shocking death of Ned Stark, that’s a high bar.

“That C-section scene was the most uncomfortable I’ve ever watched on TV,” they wrote. “I want to cry and vomit.”

Violent new ‘Game of Thrones’ spinoff is about House Targaryen.
Photo by Ollie Upton/HBO

User @daeneryskywalkr quarrel with the king A life-threatening choice was made for his wife. “The problem is not that the C-section was performed on Emma,” they said. “What made it so bad was that Viserys made a choice without consulting or even telling her, having all these people suppress her when she asked what happened. It was a lack of consent or knowledge.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user @baelontargaryen said the show Excessive deviation novel. “Still angry about Emma’s death,” they said. “It’s a useless change. The root is the same, she will always die for giving birth to Veron. But they have no reason for her to be a victim of her husband forcing her to have an involuntary C-section.”

Still, the series is sure to surpass its premiere shock. If the “Game of Thrones” universe has one guarantee, it’s that a carnage is coming.

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