How A spiritualist helped the police to track down a kidnapped Oyibo woman

A Nigerian yahoo boy debunked accusations for using his American girl friend for money ritual.

The Yahoo boy who was identified as Uche  was a 23 years old boy and accused following suspicion over the mysterious disappearance of his American girl friend. The girl was seen moving with her yahoo boy friend a day before she got when the matter was reported in the near by police station.

He was arrested and detained in the police station, but was later released on bail. However, investigation carried out by the DSS revealed that her disappearance has nothing to do with ritualist. The same was the outcome of the police investigation. The boy friend house was searched by the police and nothing incriminating was found inside the house.

As the issue was drastically going on .The yahoo boy decided to go Spiritual to unravel the secret behind his American girl friend purported disappearance. He was worried and became uncomfortable with the issue as the police was still planning to take the matter to court. He was introduced into a Spiritualist called Chief Dr Odinaka Eze Spiritual +23407089132605.WhatsApp +23407089132605.Address No 8 Eze street college road Mgbidi Oru west along owerri-Onitsha Exp way Imo state Nigeria. The boy presented the case to the Spiritualist who consulted the ancestral power and the Oracle to revealed that his American girl friend was not death, but was abducted by kidnappers.

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He promised that the abductors will contact the boy friend for ransom within 3 days of Spiritual curse on them. The Yahoo boy left the Spiritualist and went home thereafter.

Within an interval of two days he was called by the abductors that his American girl friend was with them. He contacted the police about the development and they quickly moved into action.

When they discovered that i didn’t know any thing about it .The police  now wanted me to help them through the Spiritualist .I actually met Chief Dr Odinaka Eze who attacked the kidnappers Spiritually  that led to her released.

Thanks to Chief Dr Odinaka Eze who set me free my accusers.

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