How Did Akhlad Khan Die? Journalist Cause Of Death? What Happened To Him?

According to reports, a 28-year-old journalist, Akhlad Khan, died of stress and anxiety while documenting a case of Delhi riots in 2020. According to his social media bio, Akhlad was a correspondent for the Times of India and was from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. He had previously suffered a heart attack and had written about it on Twitter in October. After losing him at such a young age, his friends and followers in the journalist world are in shock. He is now being remembered for the rigor that comes with being a trustworthy journalist.

As per reports, Akhlad Khan died of a heart attack. In a post shared on Twitter, the reporter had mentioned experiencing a heart attack before as well. Replying to Alishan Jafri, Akhlad explained that the attack was due to anxiety and stress. As a result, he urged everyone to take care of their health, noting that just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t have a heart attack. Furthermore, other online users stated that Akhlad suffered heart attacks thrice this week only. We do not know if the rumors are accurate, though.

It is also unclear whether he died of a heart attack or not. However, since he had previously been a victim of it, netizens hypothesized that it could have been the cause of his untimely death. On the first day of the Delhi riots in February 2020, Akhlad was covering the bail cases of Shahrukh Pathan, the young guy who was spotted pointing a gun at a police officer. The photo shocked the entire nation as Shahrukh, aged 24, unmoved by the riot police, fired shots into the air while media personnel watched in astonishment.

The fact that the gym enthusiast, who was also a local, did not cover his identity by wearing a mask made his bravado look strange and unusual. However, Shahrukh was eventually charged with attempted murder and violations of the Arms Act in two separate FIRs. The Delhi High Court had rejected his appeal under FIR 51, stating that the video clips (of Shahrukh Pathan) had disturbed the court’s conscience.

The Delhi Police, in rejecting Shahrukh Pathan’s bail application in March 2022, claimed that he “had a family history of criminal cases” because his father had previously been convicted in a drugs case. The media has been stunned by the news of Akhlad’s death. Paying tribute to the young man, many people expressed their sympathies on Twitter and offered condolences to Akhlad Khan. Our team pays him tribute as well.

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