How Did ASIA AMJAD Die, Cause Of Death? PTI MPA Dead, Funeral Obituary Latest News, Husband Name & More!

Recently a full of grief news came and circulated all over social media and the internet. the news is about the PTI MPA Asia Amjad’s demise. she is in the hospital because she faces many injuries. the medical staff tries their best but they are not able to save Asia Amjad .she also fights very hard to get away from the pain of injuries but she is not able to handle it for so long and passed away. According to tp the information she is a member of the Punjab assembly. The medical officials and staff of the hospital said that, by Wednesday, she is in a coma. The sources said that she gets various injuries in the tumult of the Punjab assembly. but the news of her demise gets in currently. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Asia Amjad Death Reason

We feel very heartbreaking at the time of sharing this news with all of you that she is no more with us. the news of the demise of Asia Amjad gets into the headlines of social media and the internet. everyone is sad after hearing this news. her fans and followers are not able to believe in this tough situation. many individuals are surfing the internet to get more information about her demise and the condition of her family and belonging, So we are here to help you and give you information about this sad incident, so stay tuned to our article and get every possible update on Asia Amjad’s demise and her family.

Asia Amjad – Funeral Updates & Obituary

As we mentioned to you already Asia Amjad is no more with us and passed away. according to the sources at the time when she faces injuries she was bolted to the hospital by the nearby people. the hospital which is located in Lahore after seeing her in bad condition immediately take her to the intensive care unit, after some day medical department said that she had blood clotting in her head Because of this she is not able to recover and passed away. Now there is so much controversy going all around. The deputy speaker of the national assembly blamed the death of Asia Amjad on the Punjab police.

Asia Amjad – Wikipedia, Biography & Age

He stated in a statement that the police of Punjab tortured PA Asia Amjad and they also abuses her verbally by saying Bikhari and thugs. There is a mob in a rally who did violence and riots. In that riot, some of the people hit Asia Amjad due to which she got various injuries.  Social media and the internet have their own opinions on these incidents but most of the population is against this and is full of aggression in them. everyone wants the police to catch the person behind this as soon as possible and give him the hardest punishment. the individuals on the internet pay their tribute to the late Asia Amjad and give her and her family condolences and wishes.

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