How Did Billy Hargrove Die In Stranger Things & What Happens With Him?

The American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things is all set to entertain the fans yet again with season 4. The makers have just released an interesting trailer that has already become the subject of interest among many. In the opening sequence of the trailer, Max, everyone’s favorite nerd, is seen sitting in front of her brother Billy Hargrove’s grave. The thing that caught the attention of several people is the “Gone but not forgotten” written below Billy’s name and date of death. Well, who is Billy Hargrove and will he return this season? Check details here.

Needless to say, no one has forgotten the death of Billy Hargrove in the last season of the American series. The events around Billy’s death were some of the most memorable minutes in the history of the show. For those who have forgotten about the character and those who are new to the series, we have brought complete details about Billy Hargrove. Well, Billy is one of the antagonists of the show who is not shown as a good guy in the series. He works as a lifeguard in the Hawkings Community.

Billy was shown born in 1967 to Neil Hargrove. However, the makers have not revealed his mother’s name. Apart from his parents, Billy has one step-sister named Max. The character made his appearance in seasons 2 and 3 respectively and became an important part of the story. Billy is the kind of guy who enjoys seeking women’s attention and this is the sole reason for him still being in his lifeguard job. While going on a date with a woman, he gets in an accident and then gets kidnapped by the Mind Flyer. Later, Flyer controls Billy’s mind and uses him to lure more people to the factory.

With the help of Eleven, Billy gets control over his mind again. Eleven uses her psychic powers to enter the man’s brain and reminds Billy of his childhood. After getting back his memories from his childhood, the influence of Mind Flyer starts to weaken. Billy sets himself free from his trap. He attacks Flyer which makes the latter furious. TheLater, Billy gets attacked by Flyer. Mind Flyer goes on to pierce him with several of his tentacles. One of the tentacles of Flyer goes directly through his heart and sadly kills Bill Hargrove. Stay connected to this space for the latest news and trending updates.

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