How Did Cyrenius Menard Die? Check Cause of Death What Happened to Him?

Cyrenius Menard

A sorrowful news has shattered everyone out there. The saddening news about the unfortunate demise of a guy named Cyrenius Menard. According to the reports, Cyrenius passed away in a brutal car accident on route 17. He was barely 21 years old at the time he passed away. Menard was an Alumnus of St. Joseph. His family is brutally devastated and shattered after knowing about his sudden and unfortunate Demise. No one could believe it when they heard about Menard’s sudden and unfortunate. Many people who knew him, were shattered and surprised, at first many thought it was a hoax or false information, but later when it was confirmed everyone was devastated.

As we told you that Menard was an Alumnus of St Joseph, so after knowing this unfortunate, everyone at St Joseph too was deeply shocked and saddened. St Joseph’s faculty is mourning with his family for their unfortunate and painful loss. Menard was an athlete according to the reports. He was a defensive tackle at the sacred university. He was an amazing sportsman, as described by his teammates and coaches. They all told, me that Menard was a guy with a positive attitude towards everything. He never did anything wrong with anyone. He always helped his teammates with any problem. His coach from St Joseph stated about how Menard started his athletic career, they always one day he is going to make it big in the sports world, but no one could ever imagine such a bright man could pass away so soon.

The news about Menards brutal car accident spread like fire on social media. As we reported he was an athlete since his school days, so it’s obvious he was quite a popular face in his school and university. All his friends, classmates schoolmates, and college mates flooded social media with their hearty tributes and homages for their late friend. They all wrote many good things about him in their posts. St. Joseph School too posted an emotional and heartfelt condolence post for Cyrenius Menard on their official social media handle. Although currently there is no information, about Menard’s dating life. There is no information about his girlfriend currently. Currently, there is no information about his Memorial services and funeral services too. We will update you about all this information as soon they are out from our reliable sources.
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