How Did Dr. Kelsey Musgrove Die? Missing Wisconsin Doctor found Dead Near Waterfall, Cause Of Death?

Kelsey Musgrove

A Wisconsin doctor, Dr. Kelsey Musgrove, died after going missing in northern Wisconsin last month during hiking. Now, it is coming forward that the dead body of the UW Health surgeon has been discovered by the officials. On Wednesday, the iron County Sheriff’s Office said that Kelsey died from injuries she sustained from a fall last month. She had reportedly gone hiking in the Potato River Falls area and was alone at that time. The news has shaken everyone to the core. Check the complete details of the case here.

In a news release, the sheriff’s office said that it looks like the 30-year-old surgeon was hiking alone when she ventured off the trail or the observation area located at the Potato River Falls. They added that Kelsey must have attempted to get closer to the river and while doing so the ground beneath her collapsed, bringing her down the bank along with rocks and clay. However, it is not confirmed yet if she died because of that or not.

Ever since the news appeared on social media, it has caught the attention of the netizens. Everyone is expressing their sadness about her unfortunate demise. The Iron County Sheriff released a press where they stated that on Sunday, April 3, 2022, at around 11:25 AM, searchers found the lifeless body of Kelsey Musgrove in the Potato River Falls area in the town of Gurney, Iron County, Wisconsin. It was further added that Musgrove’s remains were partially buried in a steep clay bank along the river’s edge.

Since the death happened in mysterious circumstances and the authorities are making assumptions, her body was sent for autopsy. After a while, it was revealed that the 30-year-old surgeon died due to traumatic injuries sustained in the fall. The autopsy report indicates that Kelsey’s death occurred within minutes of the fall. It was further said that clay banks are always unstable and can be undermined in areas not visible from above.

The authority urged the people to stay on marked trails and observations areas and asked to make sure someone knows their route of travel and when they plan to return while being on a hike alone. Kelsey Musgrove was a cardiothoracic surgery fellow who was last contacted on March 26, in the Iron County area. Since then, she was reported missing. Officials said that they did not suspect in the case. Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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