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How Did Eya Guezguez Die? Tunisian Sailor Cause of Death Wiki Bio Image Dies At 17, #Eya #Guezguez #Die #Tunisian #Sailor #Death #Wiki #Bio #Image #Dies Welcome to O L A S M E D IA TV BLOG, This is what we have for you today:

As per reports, Eya Guezguez has died at 17. The saddening piece of news has spread on social media and has taken everyone by surprise. She was a youthful Tunisian sailor who had established a name for herself in such a short course of time. Now, her sudden death at such a young age has shaken everyone. The talented youth even participated in the 2020 Summer Tokyo Olympics throughout the 49er FX event. Ever since the news surfaced on the internet, people are expressing their sadness and are paying the late athlete a sincere tribute.

Eya Guezguez  How Did Eya Guezguez Die? Tunisian Sailor Cause Of Death Wiki Bio Image Dies At 17 « CmaTrends How Did Eya Guezguez Die Tunisian Sailor Cause of Death

The 17-year-old wanted to pursue her career in cruising sport. Reportedly, Eya was doing her teaching session for the nationwide cruising crew with her twin sister named Sarra. Unfortunately, Eya Guezguez left everyone in profound grief and left the world this early. Since then social media is flooded with tributary posts and condolences messages. Everyone who knew Eya and had ever come across her is grieving her loss. Apart from this, people are also searching for Eya Guezguez’s cause of death.

Reports claim that she met with an accident at practice that resulted in her unfortunate demise. The news of her demise was confirmed on Twitter. It was stated that the Tunisian Olympic Windsurfer died after getting involved in an unfortunate accident. No one had expected that it will be their last time seeing the surfer as she would fly away to heaven. Paying Eya tributes, LaPelota creator Zied Jendoubi wrote that Guezguez died following an accident during training for the national sailing team.

At the time of the accident, she was with her town sister, the youngest Olympian at Tokyo 2021. Her well-wishers are mourning the huge loss on social media too by sharing plenty of posts and messages. Born on March 12, 2005, Eya Guezguez was a Tunisian sailor. At the 2020 Summer Olympics, 49er FX event, the surfer participated with her town sister Sarra, who is also a Tunisian sailor.

It is no doubt to say that both the sisters were quite talented and had established a name for themselves at such a young age. Ever since the news was announced on social media, people from all around the world are coming to the front and are paying young talented athlete sincere tribute and respect. Many have gotten affected by Eya’s sudden demise. At present, the exact cause of death is not disclosed. Our team is trying to find out about it.

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