How Did Jeff German Die? Las Vegas Investigative Reporter Stabbed Outside Home CCTV Footage Video

On Saturday morning, September 3, 2022, the award-winning Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that “Jeff Deutsch” was found stabbed to death outside his property. German’s body is outside his house. When his closest relatives learned of his health, they didn’t waste any time transporting him to the nearest medical center so that the medical staff there could provide him with the treatment he needed. During this period, his relatives brought the situation to the attention of the relevant authorities and asked them to file a complaint on his behalf. Below you’ll find some information you didn’t know and some more you need to know.

According to classified reports or sources, the assassination was carried out by a group of unknown individuals who approached the target without saying a word and started stabbing him in a specific way. They fled the scene shortly after, and he was stabbed to death. As a result, when he yelled, many people close to him came to support him, and it turned out that in the beginning, they called 911, passed the actual situation, and caught a glimpse of the perpetrator. Sadly, there wasn’t even a CCTV camera where he stabbed anyone, from which any information could be obtained.

Jeff German

What happened to Jeff Devin?

At present, the suspect is still considered a fugitive, and the relevant departments are still investigating, hoping to capture him as soon as possible. So a person who has committed a crime once is always a criminal because he needs to be detained before he can attempt another murder. Even police have issued search warrants and they are asking the public for help, advising that if anyone is found behaving suspiciously, they should contact the authorities immediately. Since the incarceration of violators has become so important, police have even begun releasing records of notorious individuals. This is done so that everything can be seen as clearly as in a mirror.

At present, the victims are being treated by medical staff, hoping that they can recover in time and give treatment measures at the same time. However, due to his current health condition, he has yet to make any statement. For this reason, the police department is also trying to record his statement. Because he is the only one who sees the face of the untrustworthy, the police will record his statement as soon as he arrives and he will regain his senses. Stay tuned with us because once we learn something new, we’ll make sure to share it with you here.

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jeff german dead

Jeff German Bio

Jeffrey Michael German is an American journalist and former investigator in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born on August 23, 1953 and died on September 3, 2022. His work as a reporter in Las Vegas spanned four full decades. He contributed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal in this capacity.


Jeffrey Michael Devine

August 23, 1953

die September 3, 2022 (age 69)

Las Vegas Valley, Nevada, United States

Profession Journalist, Podcaster, Writer
employer Las Vegas Review-Journal


The German started working at Review-Journal in 2010 after working for the Las Vegas Sun for more than two decades. At The Sun, he has acted as a writer and journalist covering organised crime, government, politics and the courts. He covered the 1980 MGM Grand fire and the FBI investigation into bribes accepted by Clark County Commissioners in the early 2000s (Operation G-Sting).

After the Las Vegas shooting in 2017, a German journalist was the first to break the news to the world that the gunman initially aimed and fired at two nearby jet fuel tanks before turning his attention to the music festival. Along with Cathy Scott, he broke down the death story of Mafia bookmaker Herbert Blitzstein. German also reported problems in the city’s inspections prior to the 2019 Alpine motel condo fire, as well as mismanagement and bullying at the Clark County Public Administrator’s Office.

Marquette University has awarded a master’s degree in German in the past. His 2001 true crime book, Sin City Murder: The Death of a Las Vegas Casino Owner, tells the story of the murder of Ted Binion, the heir to Binion’s horseshoe fortune. The book was published in 2001. Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas is a podcast series of which German is the author and broadcaster.


On September 4, 2022, the German’s body was found stabbed to death outside his home in the Las Vegas Valley. He has 69 years. Police claimed he had fought someone outside his residence the day before he was found dead and said they had a suspect in his murder.

Jeff German Biography, Education & Career

The United States of America is where Jeff German started his life.

Private schools were his preferred educational institution until graduation. He completed his studies at Marquette University with a diploma.

He gained more followers.

In 2022, his total wealth is estimated at $4 million.

. He spent most of his nearly four-year journalist career in Las Vegas. In addition to this, they are also known by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Julie is the younger sister of Jeff German, who is married to Mike Smith “the cartoonist” who works for the Las Vegas Sun editorial department.

Mobbed Up: The Fight for Las Vegas is a podcast series in which he also works as a host and writer. Known for reporting on the 1980 MGM Grand fire. He was the first to report the gunman opened fire on two nearby jet fuel tanks before turning his attention to the festival site. In his report, he said the attackers had turned their attention to the festival scene.

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