How did Oli Juste die? Who was Oli Juste And What Was His Cause of Death

Oli Juste

How did Oli Juste die? Who was Oli Juste And What Was His Cause of Death Meghan Markle wrote a heartfelt tribute to her beloved friend Oli Juste on the website of the animal welfare organisation Mayhew?

The Duchess of Sussex and Oli shared a passion for animals, and she was introduced to the organisation through him.

Oli died unexpectedly on January 15, 2022. Here’s what we know about Meghan’s close pal.

Oli Juste Death Cause

Oli was a dog trainer and an animal behaviorist. He had an appearance on Channel 4’s Puppy School, so you might remember him.

A Dog’s Best Friend, a podcast hosted by the dog trainer, featured special guests.

In an interview with Khoollect, he revealed that he researched dog behavior and trained with Sarah Whitehead, a pet counselor, and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

In terms of his private life, he was engaged to his fiance, Rob, at the time of his death.

Bernard, Oli’s Springer Spaniel/Parson Russell Terrier, was close by his side when he exhaled his final breath.


How did Oli Juste die?

In a post on Mayhew, Meghan paid a loving homage to Oli.

She expressed her gratitude to him and Rob for their assistance with rescue dogs and for introducing her to the animal welfare group.

“Every day brought a new twist and turn, and every week brought a new update, which Oli and I would discuss: “What can we do?” What else can we do? “Look at the incredible work they’re doing,” she wrote.

“In his honor, we will be constructing the Oli Juste wing at Mayhew, to house the animals that may have a tougher time finding their forever homes,” a sad Meghan added.

“They will never be forgotten, and they will always be cherished, just like Oli.”


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Many people only found out about Oli’s death after reading Meghan’s heartfelt message.

Many people have returned to the post on Oli’s Instagram handle that confirmed his death to pay him tribute in the comments section.

“Oh Oli, I’m sad to hear this, and it’s only today,” one wrote. You were a kind, gentle person who was a lot of fun..”

“I’m startled to be reading this right now. Today, I was listening to one of Oli’s podcasts, which included Beverley Knight. “I’m new to his podcasts but absolutely adore them and have suggested them to a lot of people,” another remarked.

“I’m really sorry to hear this; he was such a nice man and a fantastic trainer.” “Rip,” one fan commented.

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