How Did Richard Moore Die? Check What Happened With Scottish Journalist Dies At 49

Richard Moore

The Scottish journalist, podcaster, and former racing cyclist, Richard Moore, has died at the age of 49. He was the host and the founder of the hugely successful Cycling Podcast. It has been reported that Richard died on Monday, March 28, 2022. The news has surfaced on the internet and has caused all his loved ones immense pain and sorrow. People are taking to social media to pay the Scotsman heartfelt tributes. The Cycling Podcast confirmed the sudden passing of Richard Moore on Wednesday morning. Check further details about him and his untimely death in this article.

The Cycling Podcast missed a statement where they said Monday was an unfathomably difficult day. They further added that they came to know about the saddening piece of news in the morning that their leader, lynchpin, brother, and friend, Richard Moore has passed away. The Podcast went on to say that Richard had already established a successful career as a clever, varied, and prolific author and journalist before the podcast’s inception in 2013.

Richard Moore Cause Of Death?

It was added that his novels received accolades, and his friendliness and wit garnered a large network of friends from many walks of life, spanning sports and continents. Expressing their sadness about losing Richard, the Cycling Podcast said that it will take some time for them to comprehend this tragedy, and they sincerely ask for people’s patience and understanding in the coming days, especially for the sake of Richard’s family.

It was further added that it will be their responsibility in due time to express more completely how privileged they feel to have met Richard and to preserve his illustrious legacy. However, the podcast did not reveal Richard Moore’s cause of death. Questions like how the cycling journalist died and what led to his sudden death are unknown now. Born in 1973 in the United Kingdom, Richard Moore represented Scotland at the ProTour and the Commonwealth Games and Great Britain at the Tour of Langkawi.

Needless to say, Moore was one of the most establishing cycling journalists. The first book by Moore was a biography of Robert Millar, a cyclist, which went on to win the “Best Biography” category at the 2008 British Sports Book Awards. Moore launched The Cycling Podcast in2013 with Daniel Friebe and Lionel Birnie. In his career, he was honored with several awards and nominations. Our team extends our sincere condolences to the cyclist’s family and loved ones. Stay tuned with us!

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