How Did The Meow Wolf Co-founder Matt King Die?

Meow Wolf co-founder Matt King died at the age of 37, the company said. In tribute to the late musician, Meow Wolf shared Kim’s “sudden” death on social media on Tuesday. The manner and cause of death are unknown.

Meow Wolf was founded in 2008 as “an informal DIY group of Santa Fe artists,” according to its website. Kim was one of the original seven co-founders.

Matt King obituary: Tributes on the web

According to an obituary shared by the Meow Wolf Company on social media, the Meow Wolf Group is “devastated by the sudden passing of Meow Wolf co-founder, artist, and closest friend Matt King.”

“The Meow Wolf community is shocked and shocked by the horrific passing of Meow Wolf co-founder, artist, and good friend Matt King,” the company wrote in a statement posted on Facebook and Instagram.

“Our condolences and condolences go out to his family, friends and all who knew and loved him,” Meowwolf concluded. The company did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for a response.

According to the company, King was “at the first Meow Wolf conference in 2008,” where he teamed up with Quinn Tincher to create the group’s first immersive art exhibit.

The House of Eternal Return is the first Meow Wolf establishment, opening in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2016. Denver and Las Vegas also started new showcases.

Meow Wolf’s Eternal Return flagship store, Omega Mart in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Convergence Station in Denver all opened in 2016, with King contributing significantly.

How did Meow Wolf co-founder Matt King die?

Meow Wolf confirmed Mattkin’s death, but the public still doesn’t know how or how he died.

Meowwolf CEO Jose Tolosa reportedly claimed in a statement that “thousands” of people were “really moved by the artistic genius of his work.”

“We will preserve Matt’s spirit by building on his enormous legacy in our work and in our daily lives,” Tolosa declared.

Marsi Gray’s senior creative producer praised King in a Facebook post for using words like “such a beautiful, darling, gorgeous, funny laugh, amazing presence”.

Kim is considered to have a healthy net worth to support his family, as he is likely to live a decent life as a co-founder of the Meow Wolf Company.

Kadlubek claims King’s ideas on the latter led to various projects, including the acclaimed Cathedral Room and the room-sized Gremlin Symphony piece.

Insights on Matt King’s wife and family

Due to his unexpected death at the age of 37, Matt King is now survived by his wife and family.

Originally from Arlington, Texas, King has been a lead or contributing artist on at least 20 Meow Wolf projects, including the well-known Wiggy’s Plasma Plex video arcade and Fancy Town.

The company also provides him with a resume page on their website with some basic wiki information about him. It can be found on the official website of Meow Wolf.

A simple glance at his resume page on the Meow Wolf website will reveal all sorts of amazing further work he created while employed at the design firm.

In a social media tribute, Meow Wolf praised Kim for being “different as both collaborator and artist,” calling him “immortal, groundbreaking, otherworldly, and eccentric.”

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