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How pregnancy was detected in the olden days – This still works till date



Nowadays, pregnancy can be easily detected by many methods. The common ways are the use of pregnancy home kit test, clinical urine test and blood tests. The most common is the pregnancy home kit test which can be owned by women and easily make to use. One can easily shake this tool in urine sample and get an immediate result.

Our fore-parents were not open to these methods as there was no or mild civilization at the moment.

They follow these simple steps

1. Checking the eyeballs

When a person notices tiredness in an assumed pregnant woman, he/she goes straight to the eyeball and check. We will be confused about what they were looking for. This is because a pregnant woman gets deep-set of eyes with small pupils, drooping lids and swollen little veins in the corner of the eyes.

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When a person notices these symptoms she concludes the woman is pregnant or find another step on detecting it.

2. Checking the palm

A lady in early stage of pregnancy tend to have a pale palm with thick obvious veins. Someone checking her will assume she is pregnant when this symptom is observed.

3. Regular vomiting

The first trimester in many women is accompanied with regular vomiting. They are known to be sensitive and easily irritated causing them to throw up. People around would start asking questions after noticing this.

4. Flu-like symptoms

Body hotness, tiredness and headache can be associated to pregnancy so these few symptoms are used in predicting pregnancy in women. These last for just a little period.

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5. Missed menstrual period

This could be a oral method. A lady assumed to be pregnant can be asked when last she saw her period and therefore the pregnancy can be calculated afterwards.

Note: These methods are not 100% accurate. Scientific method is the best and I advise women get tested so as to begin prenatal care at necessary time