How Rich Is Adja Toure From Real Girlfriends Of Paris?

Real Girlfriends in Paris features Adja Toure as a participant. Because of her extensive professional experience, fans are eager to know how rich she is.

The release date for the reality show is September 5, 2022. As the plot progressed, some viewers were drawn to their TVs.


How rich is Adja Toure from Real Girlfriend in Paris?

Adja Toure has a wealth of expertise. Most recently, she was a member of the Real Girlfriends in Paris. Six strong women, Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Kacey Margo and Victoria Zito, all appear in the reality TV series.

In search of true love, young women in their 20s wander the City of Lights. They can also enjoy the best time of their lives and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Adja, a businesswoman who claims to have fallen in love with Paris when she first visited Paris as a child, is a contestant who piqued the interest of her audience. However, some online users are unsure of her wealth.

ajatoure net worth

Adja Toure started her career as Head of Marketing at Gymtegrity, but she has worked for other companies before. Worked with American Engaged Learning and Research, National Archives and Records Administration, and Julie Lundy Event Design.

She started in 2017 as a summer analyst for institutional clients at the New York City-based firm BlackRock, but she left soon after. An external relations assistant position is her next assignment at Cornell’s SC Johnson School of Business.

However, she made a quicker transition, joining Walmart as a beauty buyer and buyer. However, she left Walmart in early 2020 to start working as a senior e-commerce analyst at The Cookware Company, according to LinkedIn.

Before starting her own company, she worked for CPG 3rd Party Merchant and Multicultural Hair Care. She is currently a Senior Brand Operations Manager for an e-commerce solutions company and also manages the Senior Brand Operations Manager Enterprise.

She has worked for several businesses over the years, leading some to speculate that she may have a sizable net worth. While that may have been the case, she gave no details.

Ajatoure is a businesswoman

Adja has gained experience by dabbling in a variety of industries and careers. She discussed her feelings for Paris on the show.

So she moved to France in July 2022 to start Atelier Toure LLC, which aims to help businesses through a variety of methods, including SEO copywriting, digital marketing, and sponsored search strategies. She also expressed her desire to work in the beauty industry.

Who are Ajatur’s parents?

Her mother’s name was Anne Marie Toure and her father’s name was Chamesou Toure. Adja Toure’s parents live in Annandale, Virginia. The TV star has not mentioned any of these on her social media accounts, but several online sites have peeked into her personal life.

Her father Chamesou Toure Job

Senior Business Analyst Chamesou Toure is Adja Toure’s father. As stated in his Linkedin handle, he has an MBA from Johns Hopkins University.

He started his career at Intelsat as a Senior Requirements Analyst. Later, in 2004, he joined Fulton Associates, Inc. as a demand analyst.

At the same time, he began working as a professor of corporate finance at Johns Hopkins University. From 2006 to 2010, he was Senior Business Analyst and Product Manager at Convergys.

After that, he worked for Bringcom Inc. for a year as Director of Systems Planning. Then, in 2014, he was hired as General Manager by Caurix Paiement Mobile. He has been doing this for about ten years.

Aja’s mother is Anne-Marie Doerr

Anne Marie Toure is Adja’s devoted mother. She oversees the Ministry of National Development/Foreign Service College’s language training program and teaches language arts.

Adja Toure to star in real girlfriend in 2020  How Rich Is Adja Toure From Real Girlfriends Of Paris? Adja Toure features in Real Girlfriend in 2020 300x192

Adja Toure to star in real girlfriend in 2020

Who are the Ajatoure family?

The Adja Toure family consists of five people. Besides her parents, she is also connected with two other people. They may be the children of her siblings Sidy Toure and Ndeye Dieynaba Toure.

sidi toure

In 2008, Sidy Toure graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in Politics and Economics. He is the founder and program manager of Lexeme LLC, but has previously worked for several organizations, including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, and New Jersey.

He is a functional business analyst at HPT and a project management consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. His current home is Washington, D.C., USA.

Ndeye Dienaba Toure

One of the doctors at Lehigh Valley Health Network is Ndeye Dieynaba Toure. She is a graduate of Prairie View A&M University with a BA in Biology. She also received her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Ajatoure Wikipedia

Toure is the founder of Atelier Toure LLC, which has transformed her career into beauty, and she has also entered the French dating scene.

While in college, she worked at the institution as a student planning and campaign outreach intern and as an administrative assistant. The model is rumored to be a member of the Musical Poetry Society and volunteered as a Source worker at a local nursing home. She is also a musician and has performed at local schools and social centers.

She has volunteered in the United States. As a special events intern, you’ll work with the National Archives and Records Administration and Julie Lundy Event Designs. She then worked as a summer analyst for institutional clients at Gymtergrity under the guidance of BlackRock’s marketing executive.

Adja Toure real girlfriend in Paris

Adja’s academic background includes her completing high school and graduating from the institution with grades that allow her to continue her education at university. She then enrolled at Cornell University, from where she received her BA in Hospitality Management in 2018, where she completed her studies. Tour is also a member of numerous committees at the institution, including the National Society and the Cornell University Hospitality Minority Choir.

Ajatoure boyfriend, is she married?

It is speculated that Toure is currently happily married with her children and spouse. Ms. Adja is a very private woman who does not want to discuss details of her personal life, including her romantic life, in public. No internet publication has romantically associated this model with anyone. Therefore, we cannot determine whether Adja is single, married, or even the location of her boyfriend or husband.

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