How the Miss USA 2022 Pageant Will Honor Cheslie Kryst After Her Death

The beauty pageant world will never forget Cheslie Kryst.

Nearly six months after Miss USA 2019 died at the age of 30, Miss USA organizers are sharing the ways they plan to honor her at future pageants.

“In 2019, I had the honor and privilege of judging the Miss USA pageant at the Grand Sierra Resort and Spa in Reno and crowning former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst,” Miss USA Organization President Crystle Stewart exclusively told E! News. “In honor of Cheslie’s memory, we found it to be a fitting full circle moment that this year, the 2022 Miss USA pageant will be held at the same venue in Reno, Nevada, not only as a way to keep Cheslie’s legacy alive but also to pay homage to the great city of Reno.”

To Miss USA 2021, Elle Smith was more than a friend. She was also an inspiration for Elle as she competed in beauty pageants. Miss USA’s decision to hold the event in Nevada is something Elle fully supports.

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