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I just want to tell you how to connect or link your four Sims in to one sim card, most of the phones we are using is coming with too sims while others are three Sims but the phone of three Sims is not reliable and it is very slow in time browsing,



Many people have sim cards of different network mtn,Zain,glo, and etisalat but they can not use it at the same time except they can use two Sims and keep the other ones and if they want to use them the must to remove the Sim card inside their phones before they used them,

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But here is the simplest way to connect or link your four sim cards in to one simcard,

– make sure you have no least than 50 naira from each simcards,

– the line which you want to connect the rest of your sim cards will be the last,



-Insert the first simcard in your mobile phone and then dial **62* the phone number #

– and then remove it and inserd the second one and did likewise,

-insert the third one and did likewise,

Then remove it and insert the fourth one that you want it to remain in your phone and did likewise, as far as you you dial that code of **62* your numbers will be connected in to the last sim card which you have inserted and currently using in your phone,

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You can keep the remaining SIM cards down for your room and any number that someone will call among your four numbers will definitely ring in your phone and when you

receive the call you will communicate normally as the real physical sim card is at your phone, you will communicate without

restrictions and every message that will be sent to all your sim card lines will also appears in your phone.

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