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How To Detect If There Are Negative Energies In Your House, Using Only A Glass Of Water – OPINION


Bad energies are everywhere even in your home. Emotions, feelings, and thoughts emit energy. When you having visitors they also leave certain energies in your house.

The house is filled with negative energies from your family and from all the people that come in and go. Negative energies have not so nice impacts on a person’s life.

The relationships in the house will be strained, there will be no peace, people will fight, have bad luck, and be restless. These symptoms are all because of bad energies around the house.

Here’s how you can detect bad energies in the house.

This method we going to share will determine the bad energies in your home. And if your misfortunes are the result of bad energies around your house.

You’ll need a clear glass that is transparent. Fill it with water and add sea salt, apple cider vinegar, or white vinegar. Place your glass in the room that is occupied mostly. Maybe your bedroom or sitting room.

After 24 hours you should be able to see the results. If the glass or water has changed has a fog-like look, or has smudge colors it indicates that the room has energies. If there is no change in your water then your house is free from bad energies.

Furthermore, if there are changes in the glass empty it and repeat the process until the glass is clear meaning you’ve got rid of the bad energies.