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TikTok has been buzzing with the ‘What Color Is Your Name’ quiz as a result of the outcomes have revealed their names in coloured blocks.

TikTok clients have been obsessed over quizzes and on-line tendencies that reveal fascinating points about their character and life.

Some of the most well-liked ones on the platform are ‘what’s your psychological age’, ‘what human emotion are you’ and ‘what is your weakness’.

Now, one different one to do alongside together with your establish written in colours has taken over the platform.

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How to do the ‘What color is your name’ quiz

The ‘what color is your name’ quiz was created by a web-based individual referred to as Bernadette Sheridan once more in February 2020.

The quiz is on the market proper right here the place clients can form of their names and the generator will current their names in coloured stripes.

On the website, the creator explains: “Synesthesia Me Visualizer shows you the ‘synesthesia’ version of your name, or any name.”

“The first line is your name in light blue text, and the second line is your name shown as Synesthesia colored blocks for each letter,” the creator continues. “Try it out, save your image and share it with your friends.”

What is synesthesia?

According to Psychology Today, synesthesia is a “neurological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway (for example, hearing) leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (such as vision).”

The website states that “when one sense is activated, another unrelated sense is activated at the same time”.

“This may, for instance, take the form of hearing music and simultaneously sensing the sound as swirls or patterns of color,” the purpose offers.

A wide range of TikTok clients have created films regarding the scenario the place they’ve outlined how positive names are linked to colours.

TikTok clients react to the sample

The sample has made rounds on TikTok and numerous different social media clients voiced their concepts about it.

“My name is Lydia Christine! And my favorite colors are yellow and purple,” commented one TikTok individual.

Another one wrote: “I have synesthesia as well! I associate the months with colors and I see the calendar year in a shape.”

Someone else requested beneath the video above: “Can you do Charity? I associate names with colors or objects and I’ve always been so curious about my own!”

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