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How To Make Your Face Free From Pimples And Dark Spots (Photos)



How To Make Your Face Free From Pimples And Dark Spots 

Pimple is a swollen spot on the skin that is often painful with lumps of pus. It occurs when oil glands are infected. The affected part becomes swollen with puss. Pimples likely occur at the puberty stage when there is a change in hormonal production, but it can also occur at any time and age.

Black spots can occur when pressure is being applied on a pimple to make it disappear.

Follow these guidelines and you will have a spotless face free from pimples.

1. Drink Lots Of Water.

When you drink plenty of water, the water helps to flush out unwanted waste materials from the body when you urinate. We are advice scientifically to consume 1 glass of water before breakfast in the morning, and 1 glass before dinner at night. These process helps to decrease the risks of bacteria infection in the body.

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2. Consume Fruits Filled with Water.

Take Fruits like watermelon and cucumber daily, this fruits completely wipe out pimples from the face and the body.

3. Wash your face often and apply powder frequently, powder removes excess oil from the neck and face region, it also prevents pimples.

4. Limit Cosmetics and makeup application.

Many young ladies apply heavy makeup often, not knowing it endangers the skin, makeups contain some chemical substances that can affect the skin if not controlled properly. As a lady never sleeps with makeup on your face.

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