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How to make your Plantain or Banana get ripe quickly.



Plantains/bananas are usually harvested and transported to potential customers when they are still green, this is because the transportation process can sometimes take days or even weeks to get to the intended destinations, especially when they are to be exported.

Sometimes we crave to make banana/plantain breads or smoothies but there won’t be any available ripe plantain/Banana in the market, and we have to get green ones and wait f or the time it takes to get ripe and in this case we might have to the appetite for the treat we crave.

But this problem can be solved easily, as there are ways to hasten the ripening process of Plantain or Banana but in this article, we will treat one of the easiest ways.

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The process is simple, just pre-heat your oven and place the banana/plantain on a cookie sheet and let them bake for about 1 hour at 300 degrees fahrenheit.

The result is that they’ll turn black and shine and hot to touch but the heat and all the oven process hasten the ripening, resulting in a super soft plantain/banana, peel them off once cold and use them to make your desired delicacy.

So there is no need to wait for long to get your soft ripe banana or Plantain.

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