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How To Track Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing.


With the advancement of technology, inventors have developed a variety of tools for our help. The problem is we don’t actually make use of what technology has brought us.

GPS is one of these technologies but it has been overlooked by the majority of people. Most consider it only as a tool for finding the driving directions and overlook the other tasks GPS can accomplish.

Tracking someone’s cellphone is not an unheard-of thing. We desperately find ourselves doing so because of some situations such as security of our kids, spying our unfaithful spouses, and theft cases among others.

If you are interested in not only tracking the location but also the phone calls and message then you can do it with Spy App.

First, you have to install the spy app on your target’s cellphone secretly. The app is hidden from plain sight thus giving them no idea what you are doing on them

Thereafter you can view the target using your private dashboard accessible online.

The top-rated tracking apps are Spyder and LifeHacker app. They are able to track the phone calls, message,s and locations. In addition, they are advanced enough to function without jailbreak, that is, you can track someone’s phone without damaging the integrity of the phone.