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How To Treat Infertility In Men And Women With Tiger Nut



One of the significant benefits of tiger nut is the ability to boost infertility in men and women. Research has shown how tiger nuts help fertility in both females and males and that is why it’s called superfood in many quarters due to its high numerous benefits to men.

It boosts the level of Oestrogen in females which aids the development of the reproductive system. Also, it is responsible for regulating sex characteristics and the menstrual cycle.

It is a source of vitamin E and antioxidants a reduction in ovulation is the main reason older women have prob getting pregnant (ovulation is the period woman is at her most fertile). The vitamin E in tiger nut helps the return of normal menstruation so that ovulation can be as recurrent as it supposed to be.

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Vitamin E in tiger nut is a perfect immune booster. A healthy body is of the utmost importance when one is trying for a baby. So, it can help in making the body stronger and keeping the disease away.

Constant intake of tiger nut boosts a high amount of fiber and low in calories and fat which is good for weight loss.


1. 900g of tiger nut

2. 1 medium size of a coconut

3. 10 pieces of data

4. 1 fresh ginger root


Start by separating the bad nuts that could affect the taste and quality of milk. Then wash the nuts and rinse with clean water.

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Soak 900g of organic tiger nut in 2liters of distilling water and add a pinch of salt. Cover and leave at room temperature for 24 to 48hours to soften the fiber and begin the fermentation process.

After draining the water and pour it into a blender

Cut your coconut into small pieces and remove the seeds of your dates and peel off the outer layer of your ginger and wash add these to the tiger nut to blend at high speed until you can only see tiny particles.

Strain and squeeze the mixture with chiffon cloth or muslin and put it in a refrigerator for some minutes.

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Note: there are no side effects or allergies as a result of consuming this because it is not actually a nut. Give it a try!


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