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How To Use Phones To Switch On A Light Bulb



There are a lot of things we can use our phones to do while at the comfort of our homes. Due to technological advancements, phone producers have incorporated many features into our android phones in order for it to help us in our daily life activities.

Our phones can do unbelievable things like controlling our vehicles, connecting to many devices in our homes.

One of the important use of our android phones is the ability to use it in controlling our light bulbs at home. Here is how to use phones to switch on a light bulb.

The first thing to do is to purchase a smart electric bulb from the market because it’s not all the light bulbs in the market that could be controlled by a smart phone.

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The next thing is to go online and download some applications that support this particular task.After installing thetfree application, different settings allow a user to switch between different fixtures.

Immediately the android devices are connected, a particular IP will be given to the bulb. Make sure you connect your android phone to the smart light bulb effectively. Then, you can remotely control your light bulb from anywhere you are in the house.

Most of these smart light bulbs are light emitting diodes.