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Huge response to Bali horror

Peta Richards Bali Accident Helmet

Peta Richards Bali Accident Helmet: The goodness of Australians from across the country has blown away a founder of a GoFundMe page for the sufferer of a horror Bali accident. Geelong mother-of-two Rachel Berben introduced the fundraiser for her best pal named Peta Richards, who was engaged in a scooter accident while on a family holiday in Bali. According to the reports, Mrs. Richards was allegedly knocked off her scooter by another rider while heading into town in order to pick up a birthday present for her young son. As a consequence, the 36-year-old sustained critical head wounds, including a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain. Follow More Update Onย GetIndiaNews.com

Peta Richards Bali Accident Helmet

The mother-of-two and Melbourne nurse now remains heavily tranquilized in an induced coma on a ventilator, and faces an โ€œexceptionally long road to recovery.โ€ Ms. Berben stated her pal was an experienced motorbike rider with an international license, though she was simply โ€œin the wrong place at the wrong timeโ€ when the accident happened. Ms. Berber informed a media outlet that โ€œWe know she got taken out by another individual on a scooter. She was taken to the hospital in Bali with no injury on her body and only to her head.

โ€œWithin 24 hours, she was transferred to the International Hospital in Kuta for 8 days then put on an evacuation flight back to Melbourne where she is now in ICU at the Alfred hospitalโ€ Ms. Berben stated the dream trip has now โ€œturned overโ€ her friendโ€™s life upside down with possible lifelong wounds, but hopes the funds raised with provide some sort of relief for her spouse Matt and their 2 young children, Alfie and Sonny.

Since launching the GoFundMe page, more than 1 thousand donations has direct to a total pool of $115,117 raised at present for the Richards family. Ms. Berben stated, โ€œWe do not know what life looks like in the next 6 months or a year or even beyond that. Over the coming days, weeks, and months Matt will require to not only take care of Peta, but also attend hospital appointments, cater, and accommodate to any changing requirements while also looking after his boys.โ€

Donations range from a few dollars to the thousands, with some forking out between $5,000-and $10,000 in order to support the young family. Ms. Berber uploaded to the fundraising page to thank each and every person who had provided support to the Richards. Ms. Berber wrote, โ€œWe wanted to thank you all so, so much for your incredible support for Peta, Sonny, Alfie, Matt, and their family. They are completely overwhelmed and appreciative of the supportive messages of everyone, outreach, and donations! So thank you all so much! This is such an amazing response.โ€


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