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HUNTED AUSTRALIA delivers massive win for CHANNEL 10 with 1 Million viewers watching on Monday evening » Olite


The 10 Network appears to on to a big winner with its new reality sensation Hunted Australia with the format building on its audience for the second episode.

Monday night’s broadcast of the second episode of Hunted delivered Channel 10 an impressive average audience of 1.02 million viewers nationally (711k metro).

The figure was considerably stronger than the 884k national viewers (619k metro) that tuned in for the premiere episode on Sunday evening.

All national audience figures presented in this article are based upon the combination of metro and regional free-to-air viewers and the network’s BVOD streaming platforms.

The strong night for Channel 10 continued with Have You Been Paying Attention? scoring a national audience figure of 921,000 viewers (621k metro).

The combination of Hunted and HYBPA ensured Channel 10 secured the title of most watched channel on Monday evening.

The second of two Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Red Faces specials on Monday evening continued to prove there is a strong viewer interest in heritage programming.

The retrospective special delivered Channel 7 a national audience of 689,000 viewers (407k metro). That figure was down considerably on the 944,000 viewers (592k metro) who watched episode one.

Channel 9 appear to be in a holding pattern waiting for the return of The Block.

The season episode of Beauty and the Geek delivered the network a national audience figure of 587,000 (405k metro)

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