I look forward to partnership – Atiku tells newly elected UK Prime Minister.

I look forward to the partnership: Atiku tells the newly elected UK Prime Minister. BLOG OF THE MIND 50This is the latest breaking news and trending broadcast we have for you today: :

The presidential candidate of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, made a statement that Liz Truss would become the new Prime Minister of the country.

Former Prime Minister and current Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson resigned in July. Truss replaced him.

However, the difference of 81,326 votes between her and her opponent, former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who received 60,399 votes, served as the basis for her victory.

In response to Truss’s selection as prime minister, Atiku expressed enthusiasm for further cooperation with Nigeria and other African nations under his new leadership.

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On Monday, Atiku praised Truss on his verified Twitter page, making this statement:

“It was “a very fought process”, according to the former vice president.

“The UK has once again demonstrated the enduring power of democracy. The election of MP @trussliz as leader of the Conservative Party was a very close process but the ultimate winners are the people of the UK.”

I join all other friends in the UK in celebrating this moment.

“I am equally looking forward to an enhanced partnership of @Conservative’s new leadership with Nigeria and other African countries in the areas of human capital development; trade and the strengthening of democracy and the integrity of elections”.

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