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“I made the decision to send both boys home”


It was a moment that would have made Honey Badger Nick Cummins proud.

Farmer Paige last night sent home both her remaining suitors, deeming neither of them worthy of pursuing romance any further on Farmer Wants a Wife.

Sorry Dylan and Glenโ€ฆ.

โ€œIโ€™m not actually going to be asking either of the gentlemen to come on a date with me,โ€ said Paige. โ€œI made the decision to send both boys home. I wouldnโ€™t have been true to myself if I kept things going further. I came here to find love and nothing was growing with Dylan and Glen. There was no other option today but end this chapter.โ€

Shock, horror.

But thankfully producers had a twist of their own up their sleeve with โ€˜Samโ€™s Choice.โ€™ Didnโ€™t any of them read the 2022 Upfronts releases?

Sam Armytage told all the farmers, โ€œI have been searching the country and Iโ€™ve found two more partners for each of you to meet. Youโ€™re gonna have some time with each of them, one-on-one, so at the end of today, you must choose one to invite back to your farm stay.โ€

Thank goodness while Armytage is still on contract to Seven she has time to search the country and save the day.

For Paige she managed to find new singles Cody & Ayden.

Paige beamed with, โ€œI want love, so Samโ€™s choice is a second round for me and I canโ€™t believe that Iโ€™m being given that opportunity, but we have gone down this path before. I, sort of, tiptoed into it and now Iโ€™m like letโ€™s actually just jump off the cliff. You donโ€™t turn down an opportunity like this.

โ€œI really like how humble Ayden is. He just seems really certain about himself and where heโ€™s going and that makes me excited to find out more why heโ€™s taken this opportunity with me.โ€

Farmer Wants a Wife continues 7:30pm tonight on Seven.

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