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“I started smoking, taking drugs when I gained admission, he never told me he was married” Chidinma


In an interview with Chidinma, a young lady who was apprehended last week by men of the Lagos State Police Command for the death of Usifo Utaga, she has revealed that she started smoking a few years ago and that it was her old-time friends she met in UNILAG that introduced her to it, even though they don’t talk anymore.

She said her bad lifestyles started after she gained admission into the University of Lagos because, her friends introduced her to it, as she further revealed that she was not the one in the other video where a lady was seen showing her backside.

On her relationship with Late Ataga…

Chidinma claimed that she met the Late Ataga a few months ago (four months), and that, people who said the deceased doesn’t take drugs or drink alcohol didn’t know him very well when he was alive because he does take them.

While explaining some of the moments they both spent together, she said that Mr. Ataga was just her friend and she doesn’t know how to elaborate more on their relationship. She further said he never for once showed her pictures of his family members and also, he didn’t reveal to her that he was a married man, but sometimes, he does act like he was married and not that he is married (sic).

She said they have met each other up to four or five times, he does take drugs and drinks alcohol and It is not that I am trying to put anything together in other to accuse him wrongly.