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“I thought it was handled so beautifully” » Olite


Warning: Do not read until you have watched S6 E9 “Fun & Games”.

If, like me you’ve been glued to Better Call Saul, then you’ve no doubt been captivated by the performance of her Seehorn as Kim Wexler.

This week was no exception.

But after that amazing exchange with Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) is it also the last of Kim?

These are questions posed this week by Deadline to Seehorn and Co-Creator Peter Gould.

RHEA SEEHORN: You will have to wait and see.


PETER GOULD: (LAUGHS) Well, that remains to be seen. I mean it certainly looks like the two of them have broken up. Is it the last of Kim Wexler, I mean we’ll have to see.

DEADLINE: Clearly, you aren’t going to give this up so easily. Let me try a different route here. Rhea, based on what we saw tonight with that soliloquy near the end of the episode by you to Bob, how is all this landing for you?

SEEHORN: Listen, regardless of whether or not we see Kim again and in what capacity, this was a monumental ending of an era of their relationship. I thought it was handled so beautifully in the writing by Ann Cherkis and the direction by Michael Morris, and really just how Peter Gould is assembling these last couple of episodes.

DEADLINE: In it that, is it a pause or a revelation?

SEEHORN: Well, we all wondered, what is the thing that makes her not in Breaking Bad? I thought that sure, I mean, if she died by some wrongdoing of her own or of Jimmy’s before we saw him turn into Saul, which they do at the end of this episode, that’s its own kind of tragedy. For me, her saying that we love each other and I’m not leaving you because of any loss of love, but instead this absolute despair of self-loathing at who she has become, and scratching and clawing, trying to figure out any way to get out of her own skin.

DEADLINE: It gave the character and you due respect, I thought …

SEEHORN: Isn’t it great that at the end of the day, they gave her some agency? While she’s completely shut down, I still thought it was great that this thing that has always been such a huge part of Kim, of her making her own decisions and trying to be responsible for her own choices, that’s what she’s doing.

DEADLINE: So much of ‘Fun and Games’ plays off the crashing wave that she is experiencing in the blast radius of Howard’s (Patrick Fabian) murder by Lalo (Tony Dalton) …

SEEHORN: I think the parking garage scene when she kisses Jimmy is for me about…after that memorial scene, when she realizes how casually cruel she could be, easily, and that there’s no waiting for someone else to tell her how to atone. It’s not Jimmy’s problem to be her hair shirt. It’s not his problem to persecute her. She loves him, and this is going to be her job that she’s going to have to do, is remove herself from the situation and from the law, which is its own tragedy.

You can read more at Deadline.

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