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If Police Say “You Are Under Arrest” Tell Him This And Watch Him Go Speechless

If Police Say “You Are Under Arrest” Tell Him This And Watch Him Go Speechless

Being a citizen does not make you a doll, because it is the twenty-first century that is past, the days when you easily succumb to everything that comes from the officer’s mouth.

Therefore, you are not supposed to be rude to an officer at the point of arrest. But here are the polite ways in which you can convince the police “of the right to freedom of expression”.

For example, the police officer will approach you at your home or wherever you are. For example, let’s say your home:

A handful of policemen stormed through the gate and looked mad at guns (if you want to keep yourself out of trouble), stay calm and keep track of everything you do and act peacefully as you’ve never seen them before.

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And if that happens later, you become their target. Remember the first symbol, stay calm.

When they come to you they will be welcomed, answer politely (don’t ask who they are looking for) and they will have most of the conversations.

Now they will ask about your identity (such as the name), any further questions you should not study. As they ask about (age, family background, and other extended questions).

If they arrest you now, they will say (you have been arrested, and you will not be responsible for saying anything that can be used against you in court if the law is the case).

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This is where they get you when you are boring.

Request their ID cards (each citizen has a legal privilege to claim them at the point of arrest) if done successfully.

It was said immediately: pick up your phone and contact your lawyer. In most cases, you may be restricted to phone calls; now the next one is to politely request the name of the police station and its branch to notify your neighbors.

And if the name is not revealed, then never follow a man (it can be false). In that type of case, there are cases of kidnapping.

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If all your checks are correct, you should politely follow them, get your lawyer later and prepare for what comes next.