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If you always Use Tissue or Water to Clean up in the Toilet then this Message is for you



When it comes to what to use to clean up after using the toilet, people are divided into two, some use tissue while others use water. Everyone has a reason for their choice but here is a message to all of you:

1.Water is a purifying substance.

2. Tissue is soft, but not too soft that it can’t get into all the corners of your parts thereby leaving left overs which cause bad odour, this odour can stick to your clothes and amplify the odour.

3. Fem ale parts can be complicated thereby dirt tends to stick where you can’t see, leaving this dirt unwashed can cause itchiness.

4. As you sweat, the sweat runs down your body and to tight spaces where it cannot recieve air and dry out , it accumulates and turn into thick smelly dirt. So whenever you use water after peeing, also clean the tight space of your backside, that’s where sweat gathers and turn to dirt (this applies to both men and women).

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5. Those who use water in the toilet tend to also wash their face more than twice in a day. Washing your face more often reduces or removes excess oil and sweat and clean up clogged pores thereby causing a more glowing, brighter and non-sticky face.

6. It is a general rule that when you water after using the toilet, you must wash your hands before going out of the toilet either with soap or just water.

7. Another general rule is that, the right hand is used for purposes that include eating, handing things or objects to people, shaking hands (this is also considered as manners) while the left hand is used to clean up in the toilet, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze etc. This rule reduces the spread of germs and bacteria although it is advisable to wash your hands from time to time.

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8. There are special soaps and special deodorising cleaning agents meant to deliver fresh feeling while effectively preventing development of unpleasant intimate odours caused by bacteria and limiting harmful bacteria proliferation and also reducing risks of infections.

You might want to consider using them if you use water in the toilet.