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If you are diabetic, add these Four foods to your diet



My mum has been battling diabetes for twelve years now. It got to a point that she felt she had nothing more to eat. The regular beans, plantain and basmati rice was tiring, so we decided to lookout for fresh meals to include in her diet. I decided to share it with you all as it may help someone too.

1. Acha:

the English name for this is Fonio AKA hungry man rice and is mostly grown in the north. It’s always very sandy so be sure that the one you are buying is sand free. Acha can be prepared as swallow, as rice or as pap. It is very rich in . It helps in lowering blood sugar.

2. Finger Millet:

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AKA Tamba, Ragi,etc. this one is eaten like pap, add stevia to it as sweetener and enjoy it with your moi moi or akara. Finger Millet is rich in fibre and very good for diabetics.

3. Bambara:

this is the nut that is used for preparing Okpa, a native dish of the Igbos. Bambara nuts is very good for diabetics too and can replace moi moi. You can also eat it as swallow, just add a little plantain flour to it and you are good to go.

4. Tamarind:

Break the pods, soak the flesh in hot water and let it sit. Allow to cool and drink as juice. It very good for diabetics too.

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