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If You Are Using MTN, Airtel, Glo Or 9molile, Here Is How You Can Privatize Your Phone Number



If You Are Using MTN, Airtel, Glo Or 9mobile, Here Is How You Can Privatize Your Phone Number.

There are many reasons that will make you stay anonymous while making a phone call. Whatever the reason is, this article will enlighten you on how you can hide your phone number either your are using MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile. If you follow the instructions below, no one will know you are the one calling.

MTN: If you are an MTN user and you want to become anonymous, just dial #31# before you dial the number you wish to call.

Airtel: If you are an Airtel user and you want to hide your identity while making a phone call, dial #31# before dialing the person’s phone number.

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Glo: If you’re a Glo user and you see a reason to become incognito, dial #31# then the number you want to call. That is #31#phone number.

9mobile: Are you a 9molibe user and you want to become anonymous to the person you are calling? Then dial #31# then the phone number.

There is a second option but it depends on your phone type.

Click on setting, then click on call setting, and click on caller ID. If you prefer this method then you are good to go, but please do remember to switch it off when you are done with the call.

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