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If You Have These 3 Types Of Pain, Don’t Ignore Them, They Are Life Threatening



This is very important, if you have these three types of pain. Please do not ignore them , this is because they are life threatening.

1. Pain around the chest; Pain around your chest should be taken very seriously, as most of the time it is due to underlying issues with your heart. And can cause death to the victims whether young or old, so when you notice pain at this region of you body act fast and meet the doctor.

2. Pain around your belly button moving to the right side of your stomach: This pain usually indicates the presence of appendicitis, but you cannot know from a simple physical exam, so you need a good health professional to control you. to be determined. It can also indicate ectopic pregnancy for women, so please do not ignore, meet your doctor immediately as more delays can lead to death of the patient. Sometimes it would require a surgery within the next 24 hours, if confirmed by a medical doctor.

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3. HEADACHE: Like I said, headaches can occur due to less severe cases such as stress and dehydration to more severe cases such as underlying illness or heart disease, including an impending heart attack. So when one notices pains at the head ,do not ignore them meet your doctor immediately, so as to know exactly the type of pain it may be to save your life.

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