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If You Have This on Your Face, Here is the Causes & How You Can Get Rid of It



This is called Whitehead, it is not good on the face. It damages and disfigures one’s face.

Whitehead is simply a clogged pore.

Causes could be genetics, oily face, etc.

But these simple habits and remedies can clear and prevent them.

You need to wash your face at least twice a day with a facial wash. Don’t scrub thoroughly though.

Facial wash and not soap. Soaps which mostly have fragrance cause oily face and more pimples.

Then apply tea tree oil. It’s an essential oil that has healing properties.

And fights anything associating with acne, pimples, white and blackheads, etc. It does this effectively.

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Lastly, apply pure original honey on your face before bedtime.

In fact, the practice of applying honey on your face should be a habit. Honey is powerful on the skin.

These two remedies are enough to give you clear skin, free from pimples, and whiteheads in two weeks. It isn’t a brag.

If you have sensitive skin which is mostly genetics, the tea tree oil could cause some sensitivity.

The honey will complement it. Allergies to honey are rare.