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If You Notice A Scorpion In Your Bedroom, Don’t Panic, Do These 3 Things Immediately



Scorpions are one of the most dangerous pests we can see in the home. They can hide in dark places and come out unexpectedly.

I have heard several cases of how scorpions sting people in their homes, and this is simple Inappropriate. Unlike flies or mosquito, Scorpions posses a poisonous venom which it carries about in it’s twisty and pointy tail.

Scorpions stay in dark places and live in groups. If you see a Scorpion in your home, there is a possibility that there are other hiding too.

Photo of a Scorpion in a bedroom

You must keep yourself safe. If you come across a Scorpion in your bedroom, don’t worry, just follow the steps below.

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1. Don’t Freak Out

Staying calm, is the best action to take in such situation. Just the way people are scared of Scorpions, scorpions are also afraid of humans. If a Scorpion notice any suspicious act, it will run to seek refuse, and this can become a bigger problem to you.

Photo of a girl staying calm

Just stay quiet, don’t make silly noises or unnecessary movements.

2. Kill The Scorpion

Make sure the scorpion don’t leave your sight, don’t let it escape. If it escape it can come out again and harm you, so you must be smart. Pick a broom or large stick. Slowly walk towards the scorpion, and hit it as hard as you can, make sure it doesn’t survive.

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3. Dispose it Properly

Even at death, a Scorpion still remain poisonous. Don’t dispose a dead scorpion carelessly. You can dig a hole and bury it, or set the body on fire.

Constantly clean hidden areas in your house, and fumigate the area for bugs.