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If you see this insect, run far away; see what it did to this girl



One case was that of an Asian woman who got beaten by an insect she believed was friendly. The insects bite made her lips swell. She posted the video of her unfortunate incident and the video quickly went viral with over 10 million views.

The 29 year old woman went on an exploration trip with her camera to the countryside of Xiapu County, which is in the city of Ningde in eastern China’s Fujian Province.

As seen in the video, she takes up a honeycomb, bites it and says “this is delicious!”. Unknown to her that she had cut the piece of honeycomb from the hive of bees while harvesting honey.

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Seconds later, still in the video, we can see as a bee lands on her upper lips and wandered around her face before stinging her flying away.

She videos the sting and said it had started to hurt.

Moments later, the sting area swole like a sausage. The woman was forced to seek medical attention. She explained in the video how badly it hurts.

Unfortunately, a follow up video wasn’t made but we can only hope that she’s alright.

The insect that did that to her is obviously a bee. Apparently, the bee got angry at her trespassing and went violent on her lips resulting in an agonizing swelling pains.

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Although there are some bees that don’t sting except when provoked, but it’s still always best to run far away when you see them.