Imlie 8th April 2022 full episode written update: Imlie slaps Gudiya

Imlie 8th April 2022 full episode written update: Imlie slaps Gudiya: Here we are with the written episode update of “Imlie” of 8 April 2022, the episode begins with, Imali being seen so tense as she has pressure from her husband to become a reporter, but this isn’t easy for her at all and she has to prove herself. So Aditya used to tie her and then he tell her to be free from it. Then Imali asks him why is she doing these things to her, then he sees her, “I just want to see her like this in eh relationships.” Follow More Update On

Imali wonders if her husband teach her a lesson once again but she will not going to accept it anymore and will make him realize the truth soon. Later she is on the call with her auburn meanwhile her mother-in-law comes there and she taunts her for keeping on calling her aunt.

Her mother-in-law planned an electric shock for her but Imali will be safe from it somehow. On the other side, Aparana asks her husband if there is something wrong with Imal’s Tai Saas as she might be jealous of her and didn’t like Imali at all. Whereas, Aprana’s guess is right. Everyone is waiting for fr Imali at the breakfast table, meanwhile, Imali is at the breakfast and her Tai Saas is so shocked to see her alive.

Later there will be a funny moment in the episode as the electric shock planned for Imali will hit Tai Sas’s daughter and she is looking too funny at the same time. There is a peal of huge laughter and Imali asks Aditya to give her his interview.

Later Imali tied up her husband and then she tell him that, “he has no option and must conduct an interview with her.” His sister is also in support of Imali.

Then Imali finally started to take Aditya’s interview during which Aditya loses his temper then Imali tries to make this situation calm at the same time. Aditya also supports her by keeping herself calm and answering each and every query.

Arpita also supports Imali in this as Aditya is so upset with everything and he is hurt too as he is missing his brother-in-law. Later on, Imali goes to Aditya and she makes him calm and comfortable. She also apologizes to him and makes him assure that “she will come up with a great result for sure.”

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