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An Electric Shock? You Must Consider Doing These 3 Things Immediately.



The phenomenon of an electric shock is not new to the society as everyone including children at a point in time must have experienced it. An electric shock happens when an electric current passes through your body.

Perhaps, You might wonder if I’m always cautious with electric appliances, what then is the necessity of having this knowledge?. Certainly you’ve heard of lightening during rainfalls electrocuting houses and any electric appliances within them. How about your electric appliances becoming faulty and giving you unwarranted shocks? Or a naive child chewing on an electric cord and getting shocked in the process.

Have you wondered why electric shocks kills it’s victims within seconds? Read along and you’ll discover why even Minor (small) electric shocks could be fatal.


Considering that despite being cautious, you might not be guaranteed 100% immunity against an electric shock, What then should you do to reduce or curb its harmful effect?

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This article would feature 3 guidelines each on what to do if you’re shocked and what to do also if someone else is shocked. There would also be an additional important tip at the end!

The effect of an electric shock could be mild or severe depending on the electric voltage, period of contact with the electric source and the type of current ( Alternating currents AC are more harmful than Direct currents DC).

Irrespective of the above factors, these are the guidelines you should follow 👇👇.

Guidelines For Yourself.

1) Let go of the electric source as soon as you can. Don’t hold on to it even if it’s an android 📱 phone, hastily drop it. You’re Better safe than sorry.

2) Call or Scream for help if you’re alone. Ensure you do this because even mild shocks might lead to loss of consciousness and paralysis which if not attended to urgently might lead to death.

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3) In case of any burns, cover the affected area with a sterile gauze. Avoid using adhesive ( sticky) bandages.

Sterile gauze.


Guidelines For Helping Others.

1) Don’t touch someone who has been shocked if they’re still in contact with the source of electricity. Stay at least 20ft away if they’ve been shocked by high voltage power lines that are still on.

2) Don’t Move them unless they are in further danger of being shocked.

Turn off the source of electricity if possible. If you can’t move the source of electricity 🔌 away from the person, try using an insulating object like wood or rubber to do so. Avoid metal or wet objects.

3) Examine the victim carefully for signs of a pale skin color or other shock symptoms like vomiting , seizures and shortness of breath.

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You should then keep warm and slightly elevate their legs. Give CPR if needed.

Additional Information ℹ️

See a Doctor Immediately!

This is because both mild and severe electric shocks could burn both internal and external tissue and cause great organ damage.

Internal damages especially are difficult to detect without a thorough medical examination. Ensure you do this because electric shocks could have a lasting impact on your health. How?

Electric current travels through pathways in the body. If the current goes through the eyes, the victim could end up with cataracts. The body nervous system are also affected leading to permanent numbness and permanent paralysis. So ensure you see the Doctor.