Is Chris Alonso Leaving SWAT Aka Lina Esco, Why Was She Leaving? Reason Explained!

S.W.A.T’s upcoming season might be a goodbye to the character Chris. The character Chris is played by Lina Esco and she is loved for her role in the drama series. Lina has been playing the role of the character since 2017 and for now, she is becoming the favorite of many viewers of the series. There can be bad news for the viewers as there might be an end for the character. She has been the center of interest as she is playing the love interest of James Street in the show. The character James Street is played by Alex Russell. Fans are predicting that Chris might exit the show as the role she is playing is coming to an end. Although it is unclear, keeping in charge of the events going on in the show there will be an exit of the character from the show. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Is Chris Alonso Leaving SWAT Aka Lina Esco

In episode 20 she can be seen leaving the SWAT to head towards Safehouse. She is seen speaking to the street about her leaving the SWAT team. This might be a perfect exit for her as she takes over the safe house as the street was to overtake it initially. By taking this step she might not be regular in the show but at smaller events. Street who is about to initiate a relationship is led down as she decides to shut the relationship out. Though any specific and true information isn’t out about the event from the makers,

Why Was Chris Alonso Leaving SWAT? Reason

People are keen to know and are predicting many things. About Chris, people were in doubt regarding her relationship earlier as well. In season 3 he was shot at the end, later season 4 her friend died in the eighth episode. In the next upcoming episode of the show, people will know whether she is to leave the show or not? For a shock, the next episode’s name is Farewell which is making fans hesitate. Fans of Lina are mocking the makers and Tweeted about the show. One of her fans wrote- If her character’s end will be in the next episode, it will be crazy then.

We would respect her if she leaves the show by herself but if not she should be there until the end. Another fan said– Someone please tell me we are wrong about her character end in the show. Many of her fans are getting disappointing from now itself, but if the character exits the show they might get disappointed. The actor recently posted pictures and shared stories from behind the scenes and she is amazed to see so much progress in the show. Soon the episode will be out and we will come to know about the end.

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