Is Harriet Bibby Pregnant? How Old Is Coronation Street Actress?

The longest-running soap opera, Coronation Street, premiered in 1960 and is now in its 60th season. British actress Harriet Beebe is known for her appearances in two dramas.

In addition, Harriet made a brief cameo on the TV series “Brassic”. Bibby made a seminal appearance on Coronation Street in his most recent performance.

Additionally, Bibby has appeared in 35 episodes of the show. She made her television debut in the role of “Summer Spellman.”

Fans of the show began to speculate whether the actress was actually expecting a child because of her growing fame and her close relationship with fellow actor James Craven. By contrast, here’s what’s known about the Coronation Street cast.

Harriet Beebe

Is Harriet Beebe Pregnant in 2022?

Coronation Street actor Harriet Beebe has sparked love doubts after being spotted hugging James Craven. Now, some of her supporters are spreading pregnancy rumours.

She wasn’t actually pregnant, but she was on Coronation Street when she played Summer Spell. Summer feels sick in the morning after a romantic evening.

If she takes a pregnancy test, Summer may find out she’s pregnant, since Aaron is the only person she’s ever had sex with.

Since Aaron recently started working in the garage, the couple seems capable of having a child. When Summer broke the news to Aaron, they probably knew they were about to bring new life to the world.

But if they believe that having children at an early age will give them both a sense of purpose, they may be willing to make that choice.

Coronation Street actress turns 24

According to her Wiki Fandom, Harriet was born on April 27, 1998, and she will be 24 years old in 2022.

Because Harriet’s character is 16, the audience mistakenly thought she was 16.

Harriet said it was nothing new for her, as she was often mistaken for a teen and looked babyish.

Bibby’s parents have not been named, although she has posted some pictures of them on her Instagram page @harrietanneb. But she does have a younger sister named Nancy Beebe.

actress Harriet Bibby of Coronation Street fame  Is Harriet Bibby Pregnant? How Old Is Coronation Street Actress? Harriet Bibby an actress known for Coronation Street 300x284

actress Harriet Bibby of Coronation Street fame

Wikipedia Profile: Her role as Summer Spellman ignited her acting career

According to her page, Harriet succeeded Matilda Freeman, who had been playing Summer Spellman until August last year, on Coronation Street in November 2020.

She has an Honours BA in Acting from ALRA North and has previously worked for Brassic and Doctors. Threepenny Opera, The Game, Oppenheimer and Cannibals are some of her works.

The 24-year-old actress taught singing before joining the Coronation Street cast, which she still does on weekends. She admitted to directing the singing of Inside Soap magazine over the weekend.

“Saturday morning, I tutored kids in a musical theatre.” I’ve been doing it since my school days because I love it. It was fun and the kids were great.

During one class, Harriet received a call from Coronation Street confirming the position she had previously mentioned – Summer Spellman’s.

Harriet Beebe Wikipedia

Recording and Live Arts Academy (ARLA) North is where Harriet Bibby earned her diploma; she is a British actress. She attended the Academy’s acting training.

Bibby’s career has only recently begun. Her small screen debut was in an episode of the medical drama The Doctor (2020).

In the episode titled “Clu-de-sac”, she plays the character Cara Bindon and has a role on the show.

In addition to this, Harriet has also landed a recurring role on the TV show Brassic. The show Coronation Street marks Beebe’s most recent and successful performance to date.

After working on the show for three and a half years, Freeman decided to leave due to personal issues. She claimed it was time to change her life and she was ready.

Likewise, Bibby has shot 35 episodes for the show. Episode 10173 is the first time we meet her. On the show, she played the role of “Summer Spellman.”

Red Door Management was in charge of Harriet’s business at this time.

How old is Harriet Beebe?

Harriet Beebe’s real age is 22. The actress’ date of birth is April 27, 1998.

Harriet’s character is only 16 years old, leading some viewers to think she’s only 16 in real life too.

Harriet said it wasn’t new to her because she had a baby face and was often mistaken for a teenager.

Harriet Bibby Parents and Actual Age: How old is Corrie Star?

What is her net worth?

Harriet is very cautious about the amount of money she has in the bank.

She has yet to provide the public with specific information about her income.

However, it is safe to say that the young actress has amassed a considerable income with her talents. To be sure, her net worth is well over a million dollars.

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