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Is The SD card Dameged? See How to fix a damaged memory(sd) card




We all live in a world of technology and we always have the need to have some of our data and information stored somewhere or particularly for future use. The area of technology we are now has provided us the help of storing our data in our handheld Mobile phone and the device that help us to achieve this is the small chip other wise known as memory or SD card

This chips are delicate and are prone to be affected with virus which will result to loss of the data stored or worse still damage the SD card itself

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But once an SD card is damaged can it be fixed? Of course the answer is yes it is fixed with the help of virus removing softwares installed in system and the process of removing of this virus is referred to as flashing

But here is a way you can fix and restore your SD card manually….

Note.. An SD card which has undergone a series of damage either caused by scratch or other factors concerned especially to the discreet part may or may not be recovered.

But however let’s see the way to fix our damaged SD card.

Materials needed

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1) Razor blade

2) Cotton Bud

3) Methylated spirit (optional)

4) Your damaged SD card


*** Apply some Methylated spirit across the copper coloured part of the SD card

*** Use your the razor( use the sharp edge ) and make a scratching whip across the copper coloured part of the SD card make sure this is done gently

*** Do the scratching each per coated side and ensure that all parts are served

*** when done dip the one side of the cotton bud in a Methylated spirit and sweep across the scratched part, distribute evenly and gently

*** use the dry part of the cotton bud to wipe the surface scratched

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*** Leave for about 3 mins and insert it to your phone

*** Works right! Do it and check for yourself